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Other Payment options

If you are having problems with the online payment features, click on the link below for other payment options:

All payments made after the due date are considered late and penalty will be applied.


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Payment Cart Information

Payment Options Include:

  • eCheck – Convenience fee of $1.20 per transaction will be applied. Payment must be made from an ACH allowed bank account.
  • Credit Card – Convenience fee of 2.35% of total tax paid will be applied. Minimum fee amount $1.20.

NOTE: All convenience fees are charged and collected by our payment vendor Link2Gov.


Payments will be considered received on date submitted if transaction is completed prior to 11:59 PM CST.  Any payment completed after 11:59 PM CST will be considered received on the next day.

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We Accept

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American Express Discover MasterCard Visa Electronic Check

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